Federal Relations

Federal Relations serves the interests of the University of Arizona with the federal government, federal elected and appointed officials and their staff, and federal agencies in Washington, DC In addition to representing the University, the unit is responsible for the following priorities:

  • Establish strong working relationships with members of Congress and the Executive Branch
  • Coordinate the University’s participation in the appropriations process
  • Facilitate and implement the University’s federal agenda
  • Promote the University as a key resource to congressional leaders

Shay D. Stautz, Associate Vice President

As associate vice president of federal relations, Shay Stautz is the primary advocate for the University of Arizona with the federal government at all levels and all branches. He joined the University in January of 2006 following his appointment as vice president for technology programs at Collins and Company, a niche appropriations lobbying firm in Washington DC. Based in Tucson, Shay travels frequently to Washington, DC and works with the Arizona Congressional Delegation and UA’s Washington-based lobbying team to promote the University’s research capabilities and protect the institution’s interests in federal legislation.